Romanian Jewelry Week & Plus One Collective

This year is the third annual edition of the Romanian Jewelry Week and also the Plus One Collective, an exhibition of International Enamel jewelry.

Curating the Plus One exhibition for the past three years has been a wonderful experience and one I look forward to continuing in the years to come. This year, you can read up on the Plus One Collective and other exhibitions at Romanian Jewelry Week in an article published on Klimt02

This year’s participants in the Plus One Collective are:

Sharon Massey (USA) her +1 = Aaron Decker (USA)

Nora Kovats (South Africa/ Germany) her +1 = Barbara von Taeuffenbach (Germany)

Mi-Sook Hur (South Korea/ USA) her +1= Barbara McFadyen (USA)

Ingrid Adriaenssens (Belgium) her +1= Vladimir Ivaneanu (Belgium)

Nicole Jacquard (USA) her +1= Ben Cooke-Akaiwa (USA)

Next year the Plus Ones from this year will have the opportunity to invite an enamel artist of their choosing.