Landscape II



This one of a kind enamel brooch is an abstract representation of the vineyards surrounding my home in Tuscany. When you look at the fields from a distance they become a quilt of colors with directional lines.

Set in sterling silver with a copper back plate that has been textured and pierced to continue the line work on the front of the piece. The enamel is surrounded by forged sterling silver tendrils. Within the layers of transparent enamels is soil from the vineyard. When the piece is held in your hand and able to rotate it to catch the light you will see areas of matte surface contrasted by the high gloss of the enamel. Through layering, drawing, wet packing and grinding the enamel this unique surface has been achieved.



10cm round x 1 cm

3 3/4” round x 1/4”


***This piece will be traveling in exhibitions until November 2022, after which time it will be shipped to you. If you would like to have the piece placed on hold, you may do so with a down payment of half the full price. The additional half payment will be made in November before I ship the piece. To pay in installments, please e-mail me directly at:

Thank you for your interest in my new works.