Nuove Converssazioni/ New Conversations

An exhibition of art jewelry and handmade labels.

Palazzo Pritoria
Certaldo, Alto
03-09. 08.2020

This exhibition showcased a collection of jewelry set onto drawings and paintings and 23 hand drawn and painted Vermouth labels. The jewelry was arranged into 4 different groupings with each group containing 5 pieces. Each piece of jewelry was set onto an illustrated backboard, creating a conversation between the jewelry and the 2-D work. The illustrated backboards offer the jewelry pieces a permanent home when they are not being worn, but also displays the jewelry in the same context as a painting, that is meant to be observed and questioned.

The 23 hand drawn and painted labels were for a limited edition of Vermouth by Il Legale, from the hills near San Gimignano. The owners asked me to produce an original label for them and in the end it became 23 original labels. Each a work of art within itself and used to dress the Vermouth, a work of art in itself. The project was a new and exciting adventure that sparked the idea to have this exhibition.