Museum Collections

I am beyond delighted to share the news that several of my pieces have found their way into permanent collections. This is all thanks to The Enamel Arts Foundation and Bernard & Hal, to quote them: “…the Enamel Arts Foundation recently donated more than 900 artworks from its 2,000-piece collection to four museums in different parts of the country. The museums are: the Yale University Art Gallery, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, and the Crocker Art Museum. Through this gift, each museum has now become an important focal point, a venue where modern and contemporary enamels may be seen, studied, and celebrated.”

This is an amazing donation that will allow for all the works donated to be apart of the ongoing conversation with enameling in the public view. Thank you Hal & Bernard and The Enamel Arts Foundation.

Below are the titles and museums to which each piece was donated.

Woven Eye Brooch – Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts

Archway Necklace – Crocker Art Museum

Bar Necklace – Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts

Arrows and Bubbles Container – Yale University Art Gallery

When I Walk In – Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts